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Who We Are

From cultivation to consumers, we work tirelessly to put the people we serve on a pedestal and always operate with their best interest in mind.
About Us
Cannabis is Our Calling Card

Rise’s founder, Ben Kovler, comes from a legacy of post-prohibition pioneers. His great grandfather, Harry Blum, invested in Jim Beam back in the early 30’s and transformed it into one of America’s most iconic brands. And now that “Prohibition 2.0” continues to crumble, Ben Kovler and the rest of us here at Rise, are fighting to expand your right to the numerous properties of cannabis. That’s why patient and customer care drives everything we do. Here’s to a revolution of wellness going down in history, too.

At Our Core


Consistent Evaluation

A rigorous application of data-driven science informs our cultivation approach.

Innovative Techniques

Leading horticultural methods enable our master growers to push the limits of traditional cannabis practices.

Advancing Wellness

Through constant curation of our prized genetic library, we push the limits of well-being towards a brighter future.

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Rise to a Higher Standard

At Rise we offer high-quality, thoughtful cannabis products from a select list of trusted vendors. Our Cannasseurs are dedicated to providing the utmost care and attention to our patients, guests, friends and family as we strive to make everything around us better. From patient to community to planet - our sights and standards are always set high. Choose from hundreds of finely-tuned and Rise-crafted goods here.
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